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Nov 5, 2012 5:00pm EST
needed funds for public education. opponents argue there is no guarantee the money would be used for education. so for much more on questions four, six, seven, including a breakdown of the arguments on both sides of the issue, just head to and click on the politics tab. >> president obama and governor romney are making a last-minute push for your vote. >> both spent the day crisscrossing the swing states. cairch traveers travers spent the day with the obama campaign. >> reporter: this is it, one final day. both candidates were focused on revving up supporters in their must-win states. president obama kicked things off in madison, wisconsin. >> four more years! four more years! >> you know i will fight for your families ovary single day. >> reporter: he had star power. bruce springsteen at his side all day. the president showed a hand of nostalgia. he acknowledged that no matter what happens tomorrow, this is it. with the noticeably hoarse voice -- >> we know we have or work to do. >> reporter: mitt romney made a clean sweep. that's where he focused his energy today.
Nov 14, 2012 5:00pm EST
and shot her. investigators believe the burning car was the vehicle used in a robbery attempt. the walmart worker was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. >>> you need to listen to this next story. police think we could have more victims out there. jordan schneider of parkville is under arrest. he's 19. police said he robbed an 88-year-old woman. schneider grabbed her wallet and shoved her to the ground. he was arrested not too far away now he has been linked to two sexual assaults in the area. if all this sounds familiar to you call police at 410-887-5310. >>> abc2 news investigators have found out that the bus driver caught on tape feeting the passenger will not be charged. the agency said they will be make no arrests. joce sterman is here to explain why. >> reporter: we talkedded to the spokesperson of the janes. terry owens said mta has not looked at footage from the bus' own camera but said no one was seriously hurt, no weapons were iced and they can't tell who started it. the video posted on youtube shows two women, an mta driver and a passenger wrestling. they throw eot
Nov 2, 2012 5:00pm EDT
'll be gathering as we go through the night. cheryl conner, abc2 us. >> they will be following the story at 6 and 11 tonight. >>> that crazy commute became more hairy if you were traveling in cecil county over the hatem bridge. >> a water main break forced a closure. >> reporter: the water main break along route 40 was reported thursday evening. about 2:30 in the morning they had to shut down the road. an estimated 27,000 cars cross over the hatem bridge each day. >> i would come down 222 to route 40 and realized we couldn't get across the bridge. >> reporter: the westbound lanes over the susquehanna refer were closed after -- river were closed after a water mane broke. >> shut the main down. havre de grace mayor wayne dougherty said a 53-degree shiest in temperature -- shiest shift in temperatures along with hurricane sandy caused a breach in the ground. >> there's a hole in one of the old lines. where they found the break was in the bottom. evidently over the years it has been working and working and working and spinally got to -- finally got to this point. >> reporter: traffic was diverted
Nov 15, 2012 5:00pm EST
knew of the 66-year- old, egg from the boat dealership he used to own and the fact that he proudly told people he was the brother of mia farrow. he was also a sexual predator police say and allegedly abuse two young boys for years. >> we are aware of two victims. we believe these inappropriate encounters took place dating back to 2000 to 2008. mainly at suspect's residence. >> reporter: according to charging documents the victims claim thea started when they were ten. farrow is a ceus of touching them and preforming sex acts on him. police say it went on for year was him showing them porn in a camper behind the house. neighbors say they can't believe it. everybody knows everybody here and he was known as a nice family man. >> only had a few interactions with him and he is just a very nice man and his son is very nice and polite and it was shocking. >> reporter: this point police say they are looking for other possible victims because often times it's difficult for people to come forward. >> if they had contact with him, information as small as it may seem we want to hear from them.
Nov 1, 2012 5:00pm EDT
, then that uses up the available oxygen. >> reporter: mike works on the bay. he hopes it won't be like years past. >> shut us right down. fish disappear. sit at home doing nothing. >> reporter: the department of natural resource sciencists are testing the water now to find what kind of impact the release of the water will have here on the bay. onto chesapeake bay, i'm don harrison. >> it'll be several weeks before the dnr gets the results. >> parents -- we are the city of poles and trees now and no lights. crews have been out trying to restore power and have made great progress but at this hour eight thousand homes are without power. >> and baltimore is lepping a hand to new jersey in the aftermath of sandy. we are sending two ambulances and a total of five emergency responders. the crews showed up before four at public training safety academy on northern parkway to pack up with emergency supplies. they are going to atlantic city new jersey. they expect to spend the next seven to ten days helping victims. >> three hour ride, really hits home. it's how close sandy came to hitting us. charlie
Nov 12, 2012 5:00pm EST
madison between falls way and guilford. you will need to use 83, calvert or monument street instead. this is a mile away from last week's water main break. now landville street will be closed at charles street and 20th street is shut down from st. paul to maryland. your best alternate routes are calvert and the jfx. i'll be tracking it tomorrow on good morning maryland tomorrow morning. >>> continuing coverage of the water main break on north charles. the break last wednesday sent so much water gushing into the streets that it took days for the crews to tackle some of the repairs. the department of public works said they're still working to get the main repaired and the fix -- street fixed as well. >>> look at the temperatures today, peeking at 70 in har but toc. 65 towson. we're down to the low 60s. here's what's coming, big line of rain. it arrives later tonight and will linger. a dry evening. the chances for rain going up. we'll talk about the rest of the forecast beyond. >>> new developments to tell you about in the affair that's working washington. david petraeus' career foreve
Nov 7, 2012 5:00pm EST
ask people to be patient. this is a cross road and a lot of commuters use the route. there's no getting around it. use calvert street and just do your best to avoid the area. >> reporter: luckily that's what's been happening. people have been dhoog their best to -- doing their best to avoid the area. you have to be able to get around. a lot of people are trying to stay away now but tomorrow morning it will be a totally different story. >> reporter: the water main break shines a light on the city's aging infrastructure. they're working to fix. it they have a long range plan but it will take years and millions and millions of dollars. this water main that broke and send water down charles street is one of many they have to replace as homeowners are helped. they're continuing to work on their long range plans to keep breaks like this from happening in the first place. they're working to get to a point where they cran repair 40 miles of water main pipe every year, 33 and 35 and when they hit the 40-mile mark there are decades and decades of work that will remain with that. >> i
Nov 8, 2012 5:00pm EST
at night isis johnson's mother picks her up but by day she use as public bus. >> my mom was telling me how this bus stop or the one across the street, they were abducted. they were put in the van. they were forced. >> reporter: on october 1st, another ccbc student got off at the same stop and police said 25-year-old women campbell and 21-year-old kenyon waller forced her into a ford explorer and forced her into an alley. >> campbell went through her personal belongings taking personal effects while waller committed a sexual assault. >> reporter: the same men kidnapped a young couple the same day in liberty heights. police have identified a total of 11 victims, including half a dozen college students. >> and you have young women here on their way to school, on their way into a public place that are assaulted by and we can't call the suspects' names, the things that they did and the way they treated these young ladies is an outrage. >> reporter: ironically police pulled over campbell a week before for driving without a license and giving a false name. hoe and his accomplice would clai
Nov 13, 2012 5:00pm EST
allen is under investigation. 30,000 emails include both allen and kelley's name. another u.s. official said 95% are routine and harmless. allen denies wrong doing. >> the president thinks highly of general allen and the service to his country. >> reporter: as for allen's next move. >> at request of the secretary of defense, the president has put on hold the hearing. >> reporter: the president was surprised. asked whether the scandals with a distraction so soon after the election. >> wouldn't call it welcome. >> reporter: the fbi uncovered hundreds, if not thousands of emails between petraeus and his biographer, paula broadwell, many of them say layious in nature. general allen received an email traced back to broadwell. he told jill kelly about it which may have triggered the investigation. >> new details surrounding that affair comes to light, a look at the fbi's handling of the case. nancy pelosi was briefed by petraeus' replacement mike morrell many said they were surprised they weren't told but many experts said the fbi did the right thing. it's impacting the investigation into the
Nov 16, 2012 5:00pm EST
's perspective what looks tempting. >> when it comes to teens, they swallow them while using them as a tongue ring. remind them it's not the best idea. >> take a look outside. getting dark, chilly too, very little cloud cover. a little bit of cloud cover on the eastern shore. 49 degrees on our way quickly, eventually into the 30s. an interesting day it watch as the clouds clear the sky. we're left with beautiful blue. our view from baltimore, roland park, a sunny one. a little bit of fall foliage left. we have footage out of parkville. you see the morning clouds dissipating. i think it's going to be a sunnier scenario, should ab decent warm up. a beautiful, beautiful day there, still some nice fall foliage in spots. it has in the changed, still projecting the kickoff at 33 degrees as the ravens go in to get job done. i think weather will not ab factor other than the fact we'll get chilly in the second half. statewide we're fairly chilly, upper 40s and light north wind bringing in the cool canadian air. setup wise we have seen clearing. we had a few showers early this morning, lower eastern sh
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10